Sean MacMahon (co-creator/performer)

emergency exit:
i like you         2002 toronto
where you are now     2003 toronto       
                                2005 tehran, iran
not for all this (a little anthem before the lights go out)     2003 toronto
telescope     2004 toronto     
                   2005 montreal, quebec
eight o’clock     2004 toronto
ULTRASOUND     2005 toronto
Calgary Air Show ‘75     2005 toronto
in-flight movie     2005 toronto
trilogie     2006 toronto       
               2006 montreal, quebec
DISPATCH     2006 toronto
the evening news (small craft warnings)                             2007 toronto
run like hell/ vagy menj a pokolba    
                    2011 toronto

2012 the evening news (small craft warnings) nuit blancheoomph:
me@sure 3.1    1999 toronto        2000 N.Y.
inertia    2000 toronto
inertia (phase two)    2002 toronto
EXHIBIT    2002, 2003 toronto
timeshare    2004 toronto

other stage:
cactus flower
the field
the suicide
drinking in america
richard III
romeo and juliet
v8w 1k8: table for four
the duchess of malfi
of mice and men
box 2
amateur track & field

film and t.v.:
earth: final conflict
queer as folk
toronto- reflections of a nation
the caveman’s valentine
say nothing
infest wisely
talk to me




Kevin Rees (co-creator/performer)

Kevin was born in Georgetown ON 4 years to the day before Elvis Presley’s unfortunate demise, raised in the 905 area code when there was still a 2 lane country highway between Square One and Shopper’s World.

Kevin has worked as a dishwasher, bus-boy, cinema usher, goblin, children’s ride operator, theatre technician, waiter, barrista, food-runner, bar-back, proof-reader, contruction worker,  security guard, landscaper, oil-change technician, warehouse truck-loader, prep cook, drama teacher language teacher, substitute teacher, journalist, theatre critic, .door mural painter, puppeteer (giant, hand and rod), ticket seller, set decorator, shipper, furniture mover, janitor (for the cops!), illustrator, dancer, actor and playwright. He likes the last four best.

As a theatre artist:Clay & Paper Theatre: Mael Duin, Green Man’s Return, Fornax DNA Theatre: Phalanx, 3 Prong Attack, Pas de 2 a 6, the Oomph Group: Aureola, Me@sure 3.1, Die in Debt/Platform 9: Metropolis, Megatropolis, Modern Times Stage Co.:Bloom. in thy Spite, Cauchemar Deli/ Theatre Centre: Severe Blow to the Head. Also: Aminta, Crux, Crave, Bunnyfucker, Night's Swift Dragons, Flag & Pile, Harlequin (Then & Now), Woo: Cases of Bloodletting and Natural Selection, and some more.
As a dancer he has worked for several choreographers including: DA Hoskins, Julia Sasso, Justine Chambers, Eryn Dace Trudell.
HammerHeadBrand is the company with theatre artist/ academic Sam Stedman which produced his five plays to date: Fast, Spite, Rabid (winner 2001 Summerworks Jury Award), Madder, and the yet to be finished
With fellow writer/actor Sean MacMahon he founded emergency exit whose ever growing number of projects include: i like you, where you are now, Telescope (short film with live music), ULTRASOUND, not for all this (a little anthem before the lights go out), 8:00, Calgary Air-Show: 1975, in-flight movie, trilogie, DISPATCH, and The Evening News/small craft warnings. Trilogie was nominated for 2 Dora’s in 2006. They have performed in Toronto, but also in Tehran, and Montreal.

Kevin has also performed with multi-disciplinary group bluemouth inc. Their 5 hour epic Something About a River in 2003 won the Outstanding Independent Production Dora in 2004. Also with bluemouth inc.: the brother in What the Thunder Said, the Mule in Memory of Bombs, and a scrabble obsessed barber American Standard.
Film and teevee includes "Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire" and "Season of the Witch" and "Pillars of the Earth"
Recent theatre projects include "Tul a Folyon (Beyond the River)" and Oubliette- both in Budapest Hungary, and soon his "Hidden Agenda"- which could happen anywhere.

He lives here.


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