1A) There can be no director, sole writer, dramaturge, designer, or stage manager present in creation process. All creation and generation of material will be done by Sean & Kevin.


1B) emergency exit is permitted to expand its company size on a project to project basis as long as: Sean & Kev remain the ongoing core members, and as long as no titles are assigned in speech or writing. The number of additional collaborator/performers cannot exceed 3.


2) No script may be produced prior to the opening of any given performance. A script-record of the performance can be made only after the initial performance of_______________. This will be used as an archival and promotional document.


3) Generation of material permits the use of computer for the purpose of email correspondence, as long as the words remain in unstructured fragments. Snail mail, improvisation recorded on dictaphone or video camera are also acceptable.


4) Any performance piece by emergency exit shall remain unstable, that is, each piece is subject to revision based on venue, local geography, media upgrades etc. This includes order of performed events, number of performers/ collaborators, language of text used, and style of presentation (ie: a scene of dialogue may become a silent puppet show or a black & white movie without notice). Unless the above order and style etc. has been discussed with presenter prior to preparation week.

5] All theatrical devices must directly facilitate the performance.
Lights, sound and set are designed by emergency.exit so that we can be seen or hidden, heard or muted, and unobstructed- or obstructed as serves the performance. There can be no extraneously decorative elements.

6] Technical elements- to the limit of our ability will be operated by the performers. If an operator is required, the cues for the operator will be called by one of the two performers.

7] The manifesto is subject to revision as emergency.exit sees fit, but shall not be revised more than once every 3 years.

If emergency.exit can agree on one person, a third eye may be brought into the process for one session in the final pre-public week to give feedback and make practical suggestions.
They will not however criticize or alter the process.

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