history of work

All Performances listed below were created, directed and performed by
Sean MacMahon and Kevin Rees using the methods outlined in the
group's manifesto (see manifesto).




~The Evening News/ small craft warnings~

=The sources of this information are both reliable and suspect. Jack Ward and John Thompson send you the news until there is no more. Question: How do people choose what is true and what is false? The Evening News/small craft warnings... one part truth, one part fiction. What happens when Chicken Little is ‘on air’?.

@Wave 2, Audience Relocation- Turn Left Here

February 28- March 3th- Buddies in Bad times Theatre

Toronto ON

2-4 hours (durational installation)





= a combination of three shorts (I like you, where you are now, 8:00).trilogie is a lament for those conscious of being stuck in time and immobilized by the weight of moments they cannot escape. trilogie is the reflection 2.7 seconds before impact. trilogie is a eulogy for probes in space.  Media coupled with performance in an experience of visuals, light and sound. Charged, honest, manipulative and utterly sobering.


February 18th- Theatre La Chapelle

Montreal PQ

75 minutes



= 2 carrier pigeons pass the time away playing an indecipherable game of cards/dice. They are a little wounded, a little drunk, and they might just be angels- not pigeons, it all depends on their next assignment.

@Rhubarb! Festival Mini Stage,

February 9th  2006- Buddies in Bad Times Theatre- ante chamber

Toronto ON

ongoing intervals



@The Theatre Centre’s Free Fall Festival

January 27th- February 5th- Lennox Contemporary (via Queen Street)

Toronto ON

75 minutes

* nominated for two dora mavor moore awards
(outstanding sound design / outstanding new independant production)


~in-flight movie~

= a three day participatory installation in which the audience was invited to: be interviewed,  confess their sins/desires to a camera in an outhouse,  play darts, watch movies, and find their own way about. A travel agency for the mental landscape.

@ The Theatre Centre (Scratch)

July 7th-9th, 2005- Theatre Centre Mainspace

Toronto ON

72 hours


= 2 simultaneously projected short films (super8)  with live musical
accompaniment (guitar, toy piano, vocals) The narrative undertone
involves spiders: as experimental subjects in experiments involving
gravity's effect on symmetry/ balance, and as lonely fabled icons.
@ Moving Pictures: Reel Dance on the Road- Flail & Flower Programme
January 26th, 2005- Cinematheque Quebecoise, Salle Fernand-Seguin
Montreal, PQ  Canada
8 minutes

~where you are now~

= Dealing with similar themes as i like you, this piece is a lament for
those conscious of being stuck in time. Immobilized in dread, feeling
the weight of the moments they cannot escape the 2 attempt to make
anything sincere. They remain unconvinced until one recalls the story
of a man who jumps off a bridge and changes his mind before he hits the
@ Fadjr International Theatre Festival
January 22nd-24th, 2005- Cafeteria, City Theatre
 Tehran, Iran
45 minutes

@ Moving Pictures Festival - Flail & Flower Programme
November 6th, 2004 - National Film Board, John Spotton Cinema
8 minutes.

Calgary, air show 1975 ~
= An audio-visual essay about travel. A short film (super8) shot in
1975 of the air show in
Calgary, Alberta by Sean's father. The sound
scape is a sombre guitar score layered with an insomniac's instructions
on how to cross the country by road.
@ Lab Cab
October 2, 2004 - Factory Studio Theatre
7 minutes.

The Sleep-Walking Trilogy: Part 3
= This is the final installment to the trilogy. Ancient history,
nightmare dystopia, dreamlike utopia and uncertain future collide in
the ever-escaping present as two probes try to seize the one tiny
moment in which they can receive each other's messages, and make it
last forever. A fragile present
@ Rhubarb! 2004
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
February 2004 - Tallulah's Cabaret
28 minutes.

~not for all this (a little anthem before the lights go out)~
= After a melodramatic entrance the 2 performers disappear behind a
giant red curtain. An obnoxious pair of puppets try to steal the show.
The curtain is drawn to reveal a barren stage with 6 light bulbs
hanging from the ceiling. Films are shown, music is played, a submarine
sinks, a house tour turns macabre,  a werewolf faces the truth, and a
man in a spotlight tries like heck to tell a story that he just can't
@ Harbourfront Centre's HATCH programme
December 16-21 2003 Harbourfront Centre Studio Theatre
70 minutes

= A showdown. A stand-off. 2 characters face-off in a long-distance
fist fight(?), a campaign debate(?)  A collision of  ideas about what
goes unsaid- in public and private.
October 2003 - Lula  Lounge
10 minutes.

720 King St.
July 2003 in the Creative Group's Bra Room
8 minutes.

@ The Rhino Bar & Grille
July 2003 - Upstairs at the Rhino. Benefit.
8 minutes.

~where you are now~
The Sleep-Walking Trilogy: Part 2
@ Rhubarb! 2003
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
February 2003 - Tallulah's Cabaret
30 minutes.

~i like you~
The Sleep-Walking Trilogy: Part 1
= emergency.exit's inaugural performance. A neo-vaudeville exposure of
the inner workings of fear, identity, and the uncontrollable rush
towards the future. Moving in and out of states of panic  2 people are
pulled into techni-colour flash-backs of themselves and shoved
reluctantly to the end.  Jokes turn into tragedies, as they catch fire
and fall through the ice.
@ Rhubarb! 2002
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
February 2002 - Tallulah's Cabaret
30 min

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