creation manifesto


the manifesto

1] There can be no director, writer,dramaturge, designer or stage manager present in the creation process. All creation is to be done by emergency.exit (Sean MacMahon & Kevin Rees).

2] No typewriter, computer or word processor can be used to create a script. All record of what occurs during the performance of__________ will be handwritten and in point form, or documented as audio. After the initial performance of the aforementioned show, emergency.exit will compose a script that will be used as an archive & promotional/support document.

3] All material is to be developed improvisationally in the studio. A document of what material was created in rehearsal can be made in point form or on dictaphone only.

4] All theatrical devices must directly facilitate the performance.
Lights, sound and set are designed by emergency.exit so that we can be seen or hidden, heard or muted, and unobstructed- or obstructed as serves the performance. There can be no extraneously decorative elements.

5] Technical elements- to the limit of our ability will be operated by the performers. If an operator is required, the cues for the operator will be called by one of the two performers.

6] The manifesto is subject to revision as emergency.exit sees fit, but shall not be revised more than once every 3 years.

7] If emergency.exit can agree on one person, a third eye may be brought into the process for one session in the final pre-public week to give feedback and make practical suggestions.
They will not however criticize or alter the process.

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