March 20 2010,
Kevin: Homesickness, love of birds present, late nights desired, full sun, fascination with space travel, slight pain in stomach, still shave head, 3 dead facebook friends, learning language, can't recall dreams, miss home and unsure of its location. Wander more?
i am an enthusiast of squirrels i love them they make me so happy i even have a few pictures of painted squirrels from a box of russian chocolates on my kitchen wall the squirrel on this box is making himself a coffee using an old samovar am i spelling that right which is odd because the lightning reflexes and charming twitchiness of these little fellas has always made me wonder where they got their coffee and where i might get some so that i could be as agile and free

october 2008
go Ralph Nader!
june 2008
go netherlands
All my dreams were american last night I dove into the mississipi to save a kid's pair of slippers grasping the support beam of a radio tower to haul myself out where a nice man warned me about the current there were also many open roads and dinner visit to a family that seemed rather indifferent to my presence
america why you so poem like?

Edward király, angol király
 Léptet fakó lován:
Hadd látom, úgymond, mennyit ér
 A velszi tartomány.

Tuesday July the 17th.

Hello everyone. I am wondering why the maple tree outside my window is of the only type of tree that seems plagued with this horrible disease which sucks the moisture from the leaves. On top of that I read an article saying that  the honey bees in the united states are all being kept alive in specialized environments. There are virtually no natural honeybees left. Einstein once said, after the bees are gone humans have approximately 3 years to live. Who knows? Species die out, that is part of nature, and there are a lot of kinds of bee, but... but.... Anyway, for now I will continue to stare at the ailing maple tree and think of my home and native land. Over, but not done.

march 21
I lost my voice the other day and it never came back. I remember that for a while there, in the early stages of my voice’s absence, I had been joking how it would be a nice break for everyone. I thought I’d write everything down on post-it notes when I left the house, a mute about town with a pen and post-it notes. I suppose when I turned thirty-two, there really was nothing left to say anymore. All the snow melted that same day and with that came the debris of a sleeping winter. It’s all in what was under the snow that spoke of a neglect or maybe even had it’s own response, some time later, to a purpose or even some seeming display of discard. All the snow melted and with that came new discoveries soiled and turning to thaw again. All the snow melted and what was left were flyers, dog feces, bottle caps, cigarette ends, old parking tickets, plastic bags, tin cans, old clothes, cardboard boxes, window washer containers, socks, report cards, used condoms, house keys, door stoppers, wedding rings, cassette tapes, eye glasses, empty syringes, coat hangers and wax paper cups stained with syrup, salt, oil and dirt. The receding snow revealed a caked on mud that coated a landfill that would hold a lonely dialogue with itself, brown and heavy, reflecting here and there from broken ice and small wind tapped pools. That day had this incredible blinding light that exhaled a breath, and it wasn’t a small breath. It was a breath that resonated like a note and it was a resounding note that everyone and everything could hear and it was loud. All the snow melted that day and with that came the debris of infant strollers, parked cars, train stations, recreation centres, highway overpasses, wedding receptions, food fairs, fancy dress parties and passing conversations. It also seemed to expose a new fever amid the echoes of laughter and voices and you could hear it all under your feet as the remaining snow compacted tight and the thin sheets of ice above the pavement shattered into tiny fragments. A bright, wet, half-warm meeting that would try and transform the dirt and debris, the diapers, the sticks, the stones and the bones into some kind of assembly, some kind of sea coral, too long exposed to the sun. The remainder was all water-logged from the plastic bags filled with leaves from the previous autumn to the corners of drywall and disregarded hair clippings. The remainder was exposed all soiled and damp like a burial ground eroding close to a shore somewhere. The remainder were post-it notes.
March 15, 2007 (be safe)
I challenge anyone to a dance off you dirty little devil you will devil you won"t either side comes up as much as the other one that never knows what the other is doing to you but ever looking in the other direction for a way out tell me you love me baby tell metellme tellme tell your f'ing television open the door open it wide invite the worst expect the best see you over there anywhere but here anywhere but here absolutely not another for me thanks I gotta drive a point across to them whether or not they wanna hear the truth shut it up say no more only stupid people talk so very much yeah I'm talking about you even though your on the other side of the room scotch me down scotch me up the stairs push me down smack the tumbler on my head then laugh and cry cry hug the cat sing to the birds like they wanna hear it over and over over and over and then again maybe who"s to say it"s not just a glorious mess to clean up when the janitor breaks for lunch step on the right step to the left eat my words spit them out in different sounds like a fraud to me why"d you ever go that far go that far so far anyway wasted breath wasted time wasted talent I know you've read this so just come out and say come on come on you need to you know you do no bleeding bandaid patches up a scar like that one you one two sucker punch in the mouth cut you for life cut it up cut it out stick it in your ear bull in a china-shop halfway to timbuktu ........... f**K you and all your bricks take a downer take an upper take whatever it takes just do us a favour royal we saying okay mister and mam enough is enough roll over beg borrow steal eat this for lunch sign on the dotted line up for chili dogs do whatever you want just keep her off my back tell yer mum tell the banker do your uttermost hope your tuning in cause I'm tuning out do what you will do what you won"t just do something- you little devil.
as ever- k

February 1 2007 I like movies about super-heroes, bank heists, those struggling with faith and/or playing G_d. Or films about politicians with something to lose, child prodigies, reclusive musical geniuses, the CIA, IRA, FLQ, PLO, BMO, PTA, SOS but not films about yuppie couples having trite revelations about the differences between men and women, or films in which too many of the characters have codenames or nicknames like snake, gadget, tinker, ace, goose or spike (please consider love of super-hero films and exception to this rule). Huge aversion to non-Scottish actors doing Scottish accents (esp. if strictly for comedy). You see everyone thinks cause they've seen a couple oatmeal commercials they can do a good Aberdeen or whatnot. Not the case. K

January 30th 2007 A big thanks to dad telling me sometimes he wishes he could get drunk but he has no interest after dinner. Explaining an addiction to cigarettes to someone who has never smoked is bound to make one feel like a dipshit. if there are any addiction stories out there- anyone send it. you can get all bent out of shape bent out of shape bent out of shape for sure wanna see. over K

december 28 2006, fxlrb %§0{ wankers, angels and convenience store clerks are all of them collecting coins to throw in the big blue sealed with wishes for things that may or may not ever happen. Sklunchber┼É€

december first twothousandandsix two brand spanking new heroes. gore vidal and pete townshend. (s)

november 10, 2006 physio in one hour and having a hard time getting the dog to eat if i'm not here. any insight, email not including k. good way to see if anyone's out there i suppose. (s)
sep 16 2006 
had dream the other night, friend in it that I haven't see in about 16 years, I hear he is in Vietnam, teaching or something. when we were kids we actually convinced ourselves that we were super heros and that we had stumbled across the meaning of life. didn't have pen at the time though.

september 10 2006
streets piled up with garbage, but its gone now, who took it? Little bits of plastic and foam couch stuffing are all thats left. autumn smell in air, water level normal.

tuesday, august 22, 2006 a tornado ripped through che's cottage on wood lake. he's up from new york to pick up the pieces. white car R.I.P. sean.


 August 21st 2006 23:30
Last night 4 people killed in rain storm panic during fireworks display on the streets beside the Duna. 2 were crushed by a tree, 1 vanished in the river. trams stopped running because of flooded streets and fallen trees. Istenem! It was also a national holiday,  Horrorshow.

August 15th, 2006: 7:50pm

Also, over here a month ago some construction workers found a 100 kg unexploded soviet bomb from World War II in the renovation site of one of the train stations. Things we leave behind from troubled times.


August 10th 2006

Apologies, been a while since my last transmission.

My Uncle Ray always says –mind how you go, even if you are just stepping out to the newsagent.

Sean and I always say „Safe Home” when parting company after drinks. Part from a couple of times he always seems to offer me cab fare(even if I’m on my bike), and though I think I decline almost %100 of the time, I appreciate this a great deal.

Jenn Goodwin always says „Look Alive!” to me, and I often respond with: „They’re in the trees!”. This always makes me laugh. We worked on a dance piece together once, and that came out of it somehow.

I’ve noticed that my friend Heather Lash often closes her more serious correspondences with „as ever,”. This indicates a solidity of character that I admire greatly.

I have become fond of closing with „until, ”. It leaves something out there for later I guess.

When Sam and I go our separate ways, for some reason it is always orange.

„So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish” should be on Douglas Adams’ gravestone if it isn’t already.

Bye now,

Don’t take any wooden nickels…


july 25 6:18 pm
24hours from now i'll be farther away. s.

July 6, 2006
Yay France!

July 4, 2006
I am reading a book right now called "Manchester United Ruined My Life".

Thing about english football fans is that no matter where in the world they be, they will be louder and more passionate than anyone else in the room. Even when the team loses they will still chant as if their team had shut the other out. I think I both admire and am intimidated by their solidarity. Their singing voices are usually terrible but at least they know the words. Oh yeah and like Rooney stepped on that guy's crotch on purpose... Whatev!

-in a beer tent where portugal fans outnumbered the english fans about 5 to 1.

june 23, 11:47 am 
root canal yesterday, high as hell on hillbilly heroin today. s. 

friday, june 16 th mid-day 
so tourist offices play an important role for visitors and serve kind of like a one stop clearing house for general information and bookings for accommodation and activities. nearly every city and town- even the tiniest places- have its own tourist office and it's most often conveniently located near the train station, docks, starbucks or town centre. many offices run their own excursions or have close ties with local companies who fill that void. offices in smaller towns may be open only during peak summer months, while in cities they're open year round but with shorter hours in the off-season. for general brochures and books on travel, contact 694 7075, 1087 rue st jean, PQ ... s.

sunday june 11 th 11:47 pm 
world cup. iran mexico today @ the rhino 12:30. mexico in two goals to one. all thoughts on iran. come on lads. pejman, vahid... where are you now? s. 

tuesday june 6 (6:36 pm) 
it seemed to me that you could fool just about anybody with the right amount of paint and compliments and perfume. i held up my right hand with a pocket dictaphone and recorded silence or noise and had everyone believe it was detroit or baghdad or vancouver or warsaw because ultimately the sounds of the streets don't really change that much. s.

May 29, 2006: 20:23pm

Had a dream last night where I went to the video store. The guy who operates the video store said that I could browse around. But after a while I realise that the guests (a lot of grubby-cool Queen West types) for his dinner party are all starting to wake up in different corners of the room, but I’m still there, and I wasn’t invited. So, umm. Then when I was awake recalling the events to myself I wondered: Am I remembering this correctly? Why were the guests sleeping there prior to the party? Why were there no videos in that video store? I was just looking at the guys stuff, his tee-shirts, and knick-knacks.


saturday may 27 two thousand six:

had a thought the other night while sleeping… lived in a giant carpark fotomat.

had a couple visitors, strange who visits you in sleep. (the dead often) Nothing makes pinched nerve in left shoulder feel better, appreciate Ben Gay though.


friday, may 26 1:49 pm 2006. it was raining again. stomach cramps and head cold this time around. road the underground yesterday complete with seeing-eye dog baked out on subway floor. been wearing the same clothes for what seems like two weeks, hoodie and sandals. it's real damp and the music is coming slowly.. s.

June 15, 1987

Long distance run = 14th out of 16. Not bad, better in the pool though. Blacked out on the football pitch the other day. It was that innocent game boys play where one guy breathes really really fast bent over, and then when he comes back up another kid puts his hands around his neck and then the kid who breathed really really fast passes out right there. When you wake up your biting your tongue kinda, and you see these pretty little specks of light. Really really pretty specks of light.


February 17, 1987

Terribly dizzy this morning. Last night rent-a-cops found our hide-away spot. Nasty. Going back to school with heavy conscience. Fell asleep on blackboard during math class last week too. LeVay not impressed, time in the hall for discipline. Fit in? Not likely. I hate winter coats.

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